Okay, so, you met this girl on *dating app of your preference* and things are going great. Really great, in fact! She likes your sense of humor and she even delivers some of your sarcasm right back at you. How could it get any better?!… Oh, wait, you ruined it? Of course, you did. How did you ruin it, though? Oh, you got drunk one night and urged her to send you nude pictures of her?! Yeah, we can see why she stopped replying to your text messages.

So, is there really anyway to respectfully ask for nude pictures or is that completely out of my hands?


Like many things in life, nude pictures aren’t really something that you can ask for. You have to earn them. Think of it like respect. You wouldn’t ask for someone’s respect if you truly haven’t done anything to deserve it, right? Right. So, just because you both swiped right and hit it out of the park for a couple of weeks doesn’t mean in the long term despite what this new generation of dating may tell you.

If nude pictures are your end goal, you probably should consider asking indirectly. Drop little hints here and there about how you would love to be able to see them right now or something along those lines. It might not work the first or second try, hell, it might not even happen on the third try. The process might seem a bit skewed sometimes but it’s better than them blocking your number, right? It’s also worth noting that a woman doesn’t send nude pictures just because you want to see her nude. How many people do you think want to see her nude on a daily basis? Probably a lot, right? You may not have noticed but men can sort of act like pigs when it comes to an attractive woman.

Trust Has to be Earned

Look, there’s no magic password when it comes to getting these types of pictures. Just about all women hold their body very sacredly and taking a nude picture and sending it off to some random guy they don’t know that well kind of ruins the sanctity. How does she know you won’t show them to whoever you’re with? How does she know you won’t use that against you should the two of you break up at some point? Have you even seen her naked in person yet? These are just a few of the things that go through her mind when it comes to these pictures. You have to go through the motions of earning her trust before she even considers a scandalous picture message.

However, women can also be a little horny in their spare time, too. You may have forgotten but women enjoy having sex just as much, if not more, as men do. So, while you may think of receiving nudes as charity, she might see it as a form of exhibitionism. A woman is most likely to send a nude picture when you turn her on some way OR if she gets turned on by turning you on. Does she like to catch you off-guard? She might get a kick out of picturing you with your jaw on the ground as you open up your text conversation to see a nude picture of her. What we’re trying to say is, there’s still no science to getting nude pictures. She might just love the way you love her…or her butt.

Where to Start

Start off asking for a selfie, first. Tell her how beautiful she looks. Up the ante a little bit and ask her to send you a picture of what she’s wearing? Let her know how sexy she is. Is she trying on clothes at the mall? There’s a perfect opportunity to ask her to show you what she’s trying on. Keep telling her how you can’t get that picture off your mind. Eventually, she’ll either get tired of the compliments and know what you really want, or she’ll be so flattered that she’ll send you a scandalous picture without you even asking. Obviously, things are a bit easier if you’ve already started sexting but you have to start somewhere, right?

The Bottom Line

Look, this whole concept isn’t rocket science. Well, it shouldn’t be at least. This kind of all comes back to being a good boyfriend. Don’t be an a**hole. You don’t have to have some magical superpower to start a collection of her nudes on your phone. Be someone she can trust to keep that sort of thing confidential and she won’t have a problem sending them to you.

The second you break that trust, though? Back to the dating apps you go!