Let’s face it, fellas. There’s not much we can keep from our girlfriends. Even with as much as we do try to keep from them, chances are, they already know and are just waiting for our guilt to get the best of us.

We all make mistakes, we all have things in our past we’re not exactly proud of and probably wouldn’t do again. Maybe it was a really drunken night a few months ago where we might have said a few unsavory comments, or maybe we posted something on social media shouldn’t have. In some cases, it could even be a health or psychological issue we’ve tried keeping under wraps. Or, maybe it was something as simple as a political opinion that was vastly different from hers. Either way, as tempting as it is to hide the skeletons in the closet or sweep some dust under the rug rather than simply admitting our faults, honesty really is the best policy when it comes to a relationship you really care about.

However, we know a few of you are going to continue being stubborn so we’ve compiled a list of some things your girlfriend will inevitably discover about you, whether you like it or not. If any of these are you, well, it might be time to put a few more things on the table before it’s too late.

10. You Watch Porn

In all honesty, this probably isn’t a secret, as we’re willing to assume most women already know beforehand that men watch porn. We’re also willing to assume that she might even watch an occasional scene or two. Regardless, someday one of you is going to leave your laptop open and this will be a secret she won’t even hesitate to look for. In the long run, it probably isn’t the worst secret you could keep from her but among the rest on this list, why even let it rest on your conscience?

You could probably even make things fun for the both of you and look at each other’s porn search history.


Ah, it was worth a shot.

9. You Have Massive Debt

It’s not for anyone to judge you on the decisions you made with your money which left you in debt. Statistically speaking, most of us take on considerable loans in order to pay for a number of things (college, travel, mortgage, etc.). Some of us even got a bit ambitious and piled up some debt trying to start a business. No matter the reason, for your financial fiasco, what’s in the past is in the past and your job now is to stay afloat. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hide your monetary mistakes from her because after turning down a romantic getaway or skimping out on date night for the third or fourth time, her intuition will kick in and she’ll realize something isn’t right. At this point, it’s better to put her at ease by explaining how you wound up in debt and what plan you’ve put in place to set yourself up for the future.

8. You’re A Bit of A Slob

Again, this may not be the worst secret to hide from her and if she’s ever spent a few days at your place, she most likely already knows this about you. It’s fine! Nobody expects someone to be Mr. or Mrs. Clean and men are even lucky enough to presumably be a bit of slob, to begin with. The only way to go is up, fellas!

However, if you have a couple weeks worth of dirty dishes in your sink and you can’t see the floor of your bedroom because it’s covered with dirty clothes, you might want to invest in some housekeeping skills. It may not be the type of thing that bothers her but if it is, you might have to put forth some effort in cleaning up your act.

7. You’ve Cheated Before

When it comes to finding out your past, women are incredibly resourceful and will use everything available to them if need be. Depending on where the two of you live, there’s even a chance that she has a friend who has a friend who’s heard a thing or two about you before. So, you better believe cheating is one of the things she will without a doubt be asking about.

If you’ve had any troubled relationships in the past couple of years, and you were anything but innocent in your “extracurricular activities,” you might want to consider taking an opportunity early on to tell her your side of the story. The last thing she wants to do is find out from a third-party and if it makes her look like a fool in any type of way, let’s just say that will be the conversation you wish you put your pride aside to avoid.

6. Your Psychological Issues

Nobody’s perfect in the mental department. Truthfully speaking, mental health is something the both of you should be upfront about. We’ve all been victim to the occasional road rage outburst or “seasonal depression” but if you have a patterned past of psychological/mental breakdowns, it would be irresponsible to withhold that information after a certain point.

The good news is, she probably has a few of her own faults too and this is something that she could be compassionate about and could even open up a new set of doors for your relationship. Mental health is something we all have to keep an eye on and actively work on, and we should never have to do it alone. Let her know you’ve had some struggles in the past and you’re passionate about getting better. If all else, she will respect the hell out of you for sharing it with her.

5. Your Health Issues

“Father Time is undefeated.”

Health eventually catches up with all of us, there’s no point in trying to hide the fact. Now, you don’t exactly have to reveal your latest rash or discoloration, that’s just gross. But, if you have something serious in your past like, let’s say, an STD, that’s something you have a responsibility to reveal. However, we don’t think she’s going to be too upset about hearing your family has a pattern of male baldness after the age of 40 so you shouldn’t feel too ashamed about that. The sooner you make her aware of some health problems you’ve either had or currently have, the sooner the both of you can make a plan to improve your future.

On the other hand, if you’ve got some athlete’s foot that you just can’t seem to get rid of…well, that falls somewhere in between. Good luck with that one!

4. You Smoke or Do Drugs

If you’re a smoker, chances are she’s smelled the scent of your latest cigarette when she hugged you last so we hope she already knows that bit of information. If you spend your weekends doing any sort of hard drugs, well, you might have a bit of a bigger problem to deal with. Look, there’s no point in creating false pretenses in your relationship. An occasional smoke while you’re out drinking with the boys, or a joint or two on the weekend, isn’t that big of a deal to us, but it may be to her. She could be thinking in terms of the bigger picture and your indulgences could be hindering that for her. Like the rest of these things on this list, the two of you will benefit the most by you giving up a few bad habits altogether. Although, if you are stuck in your ways, make sure that the woman you’re with is at least understanding of your lifestyle choices.

3. You Have Jealousy Issues

Jealousy is an ugly trait. We’re pretty sure we’ve all heard that one before. The best advice in any relationship is “don’t have jealousy issues altogether,” but we know that part is easier said than done. Women want to feel that you’re genuinely interested in them, but they don’t want to physically feel you hovering over their shoulder at every move. Every private phone call she’s on is not her devising a secret plan on how to cheat on you, and every text message isn’t from the guy she smiled at because she’s friendly while you two were at the grocery store. If you know you have a tendency to get jealous in your relationship, you may want to face it head on with her or, better yet, you may want to seek some professional help.

2. Your Political or Religious Views

This one can be a bit tricky, we admit. Whether you blurt out your political views every time the news is on or talk about how much you hate religion every time her overly religious mother is over, these two topics can be divisive in any setting. For now, it may be better to avoid these conversations altogether until she’s at a point where the two of you can, at the very least, tolerate having the conversation. The most important part here is for the two of you to identify where you see things differently and decide if there’s a place you can meet in the middle.

1. You Lack Traditional Skills

The days of men confidently hailing their lady a cab at the flick of their wrist are long gone. We have Uber now, thankfully. Though, we do encourage each man to learn as many skills and trades that they can during their spare time (changing your car oil, fixing a flat tire, etc.). We know there’s a fair chance you’re not the handiest man in the world or the sharpest tool in your own toolbox, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a look outside of your usual scope and giving it a try. Maybe your skills are elsewhere and when the “other stuff” breaks, you have a guy you can call to fix it. That’s fine, too! The bigger point here is, you should have your area of expertise and let her know ahead of time where you’re in foreign territory. This is 2017, after all. We don’t expect her to think you can build her dream home overnight.