So, you finally got her number and the courage to ask her out on your first date. After buying your flowers on HeroBoyfriend, of course, what else do you have planned for the day? Lunch/dinner and a movie?


Don’t be an a**hole! When you plan a first date, you don’t have any room to settle on something basic. If you really want to set yourself apart from all the other men she’s dated before, you’d better be ready to do some meticulous planning! And make sure you avoid making any of these first date mistakes.

Lucky for you, we’re going to bail you out this time and give you some great ideas that should get the wheels in your brain moving a bit faster. Remember, you want something that allows room for conversation but not too much pressure for conversation. Pick something that will lighten things up a bit and shake off the “first date jitters” the two of you may have. Not all of these will work for all your first date so make sure you know who you’re going out with before you just close your eyes and pick something.

Remember: You want to be the guy, not another guy.

10. Bowling

bowling on the first date

This is an old-school move but it’s also a great move. A perfect date if you’re looking to set a super casual vibe for one another. Have a beer and have some friendly competition. Or, if you’d rather not compete with one another and you both kind of suck at bowling, you can at least have a beer and laugh at everyone else making complete a**es of themselves! The more comfortable you can make her feel, the more fun she will have and the more likely a second date is.

9. Hiking

hiking on the first date

There’s nothing wrong with exploring the great outdoors on a first date. A physical activity that also offers an opportunity to converse and explore; it doesn’t get much better than that. You may want to check if she’s an outdoorsy type of woman first, but if you get the vibe that she’s up for it, we say go for it!

8. Aquarium/Zoo

zoo on the first date

Going to the aquarium or the zoo isn’t just for school field trips, ya know! These are also great destinations for a first date because they allow the both of you to walk freely with one another while surveying the animals around you. You might even get a look at some deeper interests the two of you share!

7. The Cinema

theatre on the first date

Going to the theatre is a classic first date idea. Slightly more original than going to the movies, while also being a bit classier, too. Get dressed up, have a few drinks, and enjoy yourselves! If you make it to one with an intermission, it even offers you a chance to catch up with one another and chat for a bit. The theatre is a perfect place for just about every type of woman you will meet, so we don’t think you should have reason to be too unsure of picking this option.

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6. Driving Range

driving range on the first date

This option will be more for the playful, athletic type of woman so make sure this is also who you are. The driving range isn’t particularly difficult so neither of you has to be really athletic to enjoy yourselves. Hell, the two of you don’t even have to be golfers really. It might even offer an opportunity for some goofy competition between the two of you.

5. Art Gallery

art gallery on the first date

Going to the art gallery is a great idea for the artsy type so make sure you have a pretty good feel of who she is before you make this a go-to option. However, it also offers you an opportunity to do some research on the exhibit so you can also show her how intelligent you can, at the very least, seem to be. Also, it might be wise to make sure the exhibit won’t offend her before you to even make it to the front door.

4. Local Music Show

gig on the first date

Remember when you asked her what kind of music she likes? Well, here’s your opportunity to put some effort into your curiosity. A local music show is a perfect opportunity for you two to indulge yourselves over some drinks, share a few dances, and cap it off with some mild conversation in between the band taking breaks. We don’t recommend anything too hardcore, you’d be better suited to find something mellow at an intimate venue where the two of you can relax and let loose. Don’t forget, it’s ok pretend you share the same interests to get a girl to like you.

3. Play Tourist

play tourist on the first date

You ever feel like you take your hometown for granted? Most of us do but here’s an opportunity to show her where you’re from or even be a tourist yourself. Check out the local tourist office and pick up a few guides and maps and see what’s worth checking out in your city. Taking your date on a touristy adventure allows the both of you to see things from a different perspective.

2. Ice-Skating

ice skating on the first date

Young woman ice skating outdoors on a pond on a freezing winter day (color toned image; motion blurred image)

There’s no question about it, ice-skating is innocent, romantic fun. This could’ve easily been number one but because of the physical activity, we had to deduct a point. However, even if you or she don’t know how to skate, who really cares?! Hold hands as you teach one another and laugh when you fall or hang out on the sidelines and share some conversation as you watch the other couples skate by. Either way, it’s a great time!

1. Try New Cuisine

dinner on the first date

This is a no-brainer. Seriously. Sharing a new experience with someone is a great way to build a new connection with them. So, if you are going to take her to dinner for your first date, find a place that’s a bit more adventurous. Maybe a new ethnic cuisine or something you two haven’t tried before. The adventure part of the date is more important than the intricate details of it.