Remember the early stages of your relationship? You know, when Cupid was still flying around both of your heads and your eyes were full of floating hearts? Yeah, neither do we.

After the honeymoon phase of each relationship comes and goes, there comes an abrupt moment in the relationship where the two of you have finally figured out all the in’s and out’s of each other. The boxing match with love is over and now you two are in each other’s corners. Now, whether you like it or not, the two of you will argue at some point. Whether it be about something silly or something serious, it will happen.

Rather than immediately jumping to the conclusion that the two of you need counselling, why don’t you sit down with each other and think about all the silly and stupid things you two have argued about in the past. Hell, your list probably includes a few of these!

1. Neither of you can decide what to eat

“What about chicken?”
“Ugh, we just had chicken.”
“Okay, take-out?”
“No, I’m trying to eat healthy this week.”

2. When one of you takes up too much of the bed

You both have rolled your separate ways after the pre-sleep cuddle and now one of you is hogging the blanket or, worse, invading your sleep space.

3. Snoring

You know damn well it’s one of you…

4. You can’t decide which movie to watch

It’s Friday night and neither of you has plans so you grab a bottle of wine and head to the TV. The only problem is, neither of you can make the decision on what to watch and now it feels like you hardly know your partner at all! Okay, we’re being a bit dramatic but you get the point.

5. Whose turn it is to do the dishes

If you two are living in an apartment that doesn’t have a dishwasher, you know all too well about this specific argument. Someone’s doing them and being passive aggressive by leaving them in the sink for two days is absolutely not okay.

6. Who’s choosing the music in the car

Thankfully we live in an era where you can make a playlist on your phone while you’re on the go. But, if she’s in the mood for Taylor Swift and you’re in the mood for 50 Cent, who makes the ultimate decision?

7. Who’s answering the door

Neither of you is expecting guests and you’re both comfortable relaxing on the couch after a long day’s work when…*knock* *knock*…someone’s at the door. You both look at each other but don’t move a muscle. Rock, paper, scissors?

8. Buying toilet paper

One of you likes to save money a little too much and is too stingy to buy double-ply like a decent human being. C’mon, you know it’s one of you.

9. Admitting who is wrong

Ah, these arguments can seem fun until one of you takes an unnecessary poke at the other’s pride and it becomes a full-on argument. Before you start calling attorneys and bank statements, one of you should just admit you’re wrong for Christ’s sake.

10. “Did you just check him/her out?”

Chances are he did just check her out. It’s also possible that she was staring at the bartender a bit longer than she should have. “Look, but don’t touch” was obviously created for this exact reason. And here’s what to do if her male friends are making you jealous.

11. The Ex

We capitalised “Ex” because let’s face it, we all have that one ex we can’t seem to get rid of. Either in real life or in our brain. You’d be better off not bringing up this argument unless you’re prepared to bring out all the skeletons in your closet, as well.

12. Spending money

One of you treats payday like you just hit the lottery and can’t help spending money like it’s going out of style. C’mon, fess up, which one of you is it?

13. Yelling at the TV

Whether it’s a sports match or a quirky game show, one of you always feels the need to shout your stance at the television on a regular basis.

14. Directions

Thank God for smartphones, right? She thinks it’s left, he thinks it’s right, the gas station attendant you just asked said you’re going the wrong way. Either way, you’re arguing about it.

15. Always on the phone

One of you either spends too much time playing Candy Crush or the other can’t help taking phone calls while you’re eating dinner. Look, unless you’re planning on buying a new house and don’t want to miss out on a bid, PUT IT DOWN!

16. Leaving the toilet seat up

Yeah, we all know who this is but why is this such an impossible task to remember?!

17. Doing the laundry

This is one of those chores that isn’t unspeakably hard but neither of you likes doing it. So, who’s doing it this week? Did you remember to sort the colours? Wait, let me guess, you’re out of detergent.

18. Going out with friends

A.) The friend who gossips too much
B.) The friend who the gossip is always about
C.) The friend who always gets too drunk

19. Comparing them to their father/mother

This one always hurts no matter who said it first. We know how bad you want to say it but trust us when we say, DON’T. One of you will be packing the weekend bag by the end of the night.

20. Farting

We’re still not sure about this one so we’ll let you decide what to do here…