Coming to Melbourne for the first time in June, Bongo Bingo is a British export that combines the fun of listening out for Legs Eleven and Two Fat Ladies with intermittent dancing and pub quiz-style games and challenges.

There’ll be DJs (yet to be announced – but think more S Club than Skrillex) and prizes – you could win a Hills Hoist! Plus, from the list of rules posted on their UK website, it sounds like there will be dance-offs and rounds of musical statues, too.

Co-founder Jonny Bongo launched the concept in 2015 and since then Bongo Bingo has travelled to Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and London.

Bongo will hit Collingwood Town Hall on Thursday June 29.

Where: 140 Hoddle St Abbotsford Melbourne Victoria 3067

When: 29 June @ 12.00 am

Event website: