Sexy Man and Women on the Couch
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Did you sacrifice sex and happiness for security and comfort?

If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship, you most likely know the different stages each couple goes through. In the beginning, you can hardly keep your hands off each other. Then, before you know it, you’re pulling each other’s nose hairs and your daily “pillow talk” now consists of complaining about co-workers. Ah, true intimacy indeed. That’s not the…

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10 Impressive First Date Ideas

So, you finally got her number and the courage to ask her out on your first date. After buying your flowers on HeroBoyfriend, of course, what else do you have planned for the day? Lunch/dinner and a movie? Nothing?! Don’t be an a**hole! When you plan a first date, you don’t have any room to settle on something basic. If…

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How to get a woman to like you

How to get a girl to like you

The science of wooing a woman really isn’t a science at all. Aside from effort, all you really have to do is be yourself. Sometimes, all the weird and borderline odd things you do often are the things that speak to a lady’s heart. Who knew!? Well, we did. But how did we know? Well, we spoke to the women…

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Partners Acting Distant

What to do when your partner is acting distant

So, things have been going great between you and your girlfriend. However, after a few months of dating, things have been a little shaky and you’ve noticed her acting distant. Maybe she’s a little less talkative than usual or any of the other hundred signs women tend to show when they’re being distant. Is the relationship doomed? Not quite. But,…

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Excited couple on their first date
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10 First Date Mistakes You Need to Avoid

First dates make everybody nervous. After messaging for weeks on Tinder, you finally land the first date and now it’s real. There’s the pressure of finding a great venue, preferably one where the bartender doesn’t know you by name (that’s a giveaway, Player). Then there’s all that smalltalk while you try to make a good impression… We hate to think…

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